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A New Way of Dealing with Extra Pounds

Nowadays, in the sea of weight loss supplements we can purchase there is one which seems to be highly efficient, triggering no side effects at the same time. The extract of green coffee shows all characteristics a weight loss supplement is supposed to posses. What is more, the moment it was introduced on Dr Oz TV, the extract immediately initiated huge weight loss debates regarding weight loss aids. To confirm the efficacy of the extract medical professionals decided to perform a green coffee medical study. It revealed why the extract is so successful.

Green coffee is a raw product and its extract contains loads of chlorogenic acid, the most important ingredient of the plant. This research focused mainly on this acid. Scientists were led by the gold standard of each and every clinical study i.e. it was a double blind, placebo controlled study. The entire green coffee medical study lasted for 3 months. The participants were of different weight. As for the results, these revealed that the extract of the coffee can successfully burn fat while regulating blood sugar level at the same time. What is more, chlorogenic acid was confirmed to be a powerful antioxidant. Since antioxidants are known to prevent damage caused by free radicals, by introducing the acid into the body, we can prevent all the damage caused by them.

The overall results of this green coffee medical study were rather promising. We might need many more additional studies in order to get to the core of all the properties green coffee possesses.

Led by the results of medical studies Doctor Oz revealed the facts on green coffee to millions of viewers of his show. There was one more distinguished professional who spoke in favor of green coffee. Lindsey Duncan, a nutritionist and Neuropathic Doctor by profession, said that the dosage of the extract should, in the beginning, be between 400-800 mg. This dosage is actually the same as the one used in the green coffee medical study.

In spite of all the benefits green coffee has to offer, there is still a bit of skepticism shared by people who might be afraid of dietary supplements, especially if they offer a quick solution.

Green coffee extract is proven to have no side

effects. Although it can help us lose extra pounds, we are still supposed to think about our diets and the importance ofphysical activity. The supplement can lead to desirable weight loss. However, we must learn how to maintain the achieved results which can be done with properly balanced dietary regimes and sufficient amount of exercise.

Therefore, if you choose green coffee extract, do think about dietary changes and take up some sports. Not only the weight loss effects will be better, but your perfect figure will also last much longer.