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Does the Green Coffee Extract Work?

Nature has reached the doors of modern medicine, now more than ever.As an effect of this, more and more natural cures are being acclaimed and widely used. The same goes for green coffee extract, taken from raw coffee beans. This kind of coffee is the richest source of a special compound called chlorogenic acid and it is the main secret tool of this extract, triggering weight loss in a matter of weeks, provided that regular consumption of the extract takes place. Still, after all the scientific facts and theories, people want to know if this method really works.

Basically, science says that chlorogenic acid prevents the liver from producing glucose and releasing it to the bloodstream. Without glucose, the body cannot obtain proper amount of energy. It is, therefore, forced to burn the existing fat storages gathered over the years. So, via this energy production, our weight gets reduced, mostly due to the sped up metabolism.

Since the liver plays a key role in this theory, people who suffer from liver problems may not be able to benefit from green coffee extract. Before this can be possible, they need to restore the optimal health of their liver through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

As for the side-effects of the green coffee extract, their occurrence is extremely rare, even though certain individuals have reported feeling lightheaded, hyperactive and alerted, just like they feel after drinking too much roasted coffee. The reason for this is probably caffeine, even though the extract contains only 1/5 of caffeine, when compared to the roasted variant.

Furthermore, when you are looking for a green coffee extract that works, the emphasis should be put on a 100% natural product. In order to get this kind, opt for capsules which are transparent and clear, with small brown-colored powder inside of it. Rest assured that the 100% pure extract is almost impossible to be found, due to the fact that all capsules need to contain additives which preserve the quality of the product. Therefore, if you want results, pay attention to the ingredient lists and choose alternatives with at least 100mg content of chlorogenic acid per pill.

Also, the reported results through studies and trials, as well as user reviews of various green coffee extracts claim that about 400mg of extract a day is the minimum for effectiveness, taken three times during the day, preferably 30 minutes before meals.

As for the results you can count on, these vary. Usually, people who exercised and took care of their proper nutrition showed greater weight loss than those who continued living sedentary lives, relying solely on the extract. Many satisfied customers say that the effectiveness of the extract was boosted due to a 3-day detoxification procedure they went through beforehand.

So, there are plenty of reasons for you to believe that green coffee extract will work for you. Try it and get your final answer.