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Find Out More on Green Coffee

Many experts all over the world are interested in green coffee beans and the substances these contain. Raw green coffee beans are exclusively a subject of their interest since once the coffee undergoes roasting process its chemical makeup drastically changes, reducing all the benefits it seems to posses.

Raw green coffee contains several substances out of which chlorogenic acid is the most studied one. Namely, the acid, a member of polyphenols, is a powerful antioxidant capable of neutralizing damaging free radicals. Each green coffee bean medical study is focused on investigations regarding different potential benefits of chlorogenic acid. The results reveal many health properties of the extract which makes green coffee a perfect option for several purposes.

As for medical facts, more than one green coffee bean medical study involving animals have revealed antihypertensive properties of the acid. The results were sufficient for scientists to continue studying the effects of chlorogenic acid on humans.

One of such studies had 117 male participants, all suffering from mild hypertension. This double-blind and also placebo-controlled study lasted for a month. Participants received 46 mg, 93 mg or 185 mg of the extract per day. Those receiving 93 and 185 mg of the extract showed a noticeable improvement compared to participants who received placebo. Given the fact that males who were given higher doses showed better improvement, we can only conclude that better effects are achieved if higher doses are administered.

Green coffee has also been a part of other studies which confirmed the potential of the extract to eliminate excess of body fat. Such weight loss property is what makes green coffee extract so appealing to people all over the world. Again chlorogenic acid is the one associated with metabolism changes and subsequent weight reduction.

Note that heat affects the perfect ratio of certain substances in the coffee. Only raw, unroasted green coffee beans contain the optimal amount of chlorogenic acid and preserve their magical properties.

When it comes to safety issues, green coffee and its extract have not been associated with any adverse effects. Theoretically, the caffeine content might be a potential cause of some side effects in susceptible individuals. Therefore, do consult your health care provider prior to taking this or any other dietary supplement.

According to all the discussed, green coffee really seems to help people losing weight. The aforementioned green coffee bean medical study confirmed only one beneficial effect of the extract while many more have additionally been revealed and there are certainly new benefits waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, one day the extract will be proven to help with other issues as well. Until then, indulge in safe weight loss experience and get rid of extra pounds in a healthy way.