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Losing Weight with Green Coffee

First time ever, the market is filled up with products claiming to assist in weight loss without any additional diet or exercise routine. These facts have definitively provoked interests of millions who would want to lose excess weight or fat but are not consistent with their physical activities or cannot control their eating habits as they should be.

Of course, the product everyone speaks so highly about is green coffee bean extract. It is made of fresh green coffee beans, and apart from being made out of the same plant, it has very few similarities to coffee found in cup of espresso or latte. Green coffee does contain caffeine, but the quantity of the substance is several times lesser than in just one coffee cup everyone drinks every day.

In order to compare the values: one small cup of Italian espresso has 100mg (milligrams) of caffeine and green coffee bean extract just 20mg (in one serving). Being so modest in caffeine concentration, green coffee extract retains the best dietary properties of the substance and avoids unwanted effects. It will not make the person nervous, stressed or upset the stomach like when you drink too much coffee during the day.

The main difference between the two coffees is substance which can only be found in green, fresh, unroasted and untreated coffee beans. Boiling and roasting of the coffee destroys this powerful component of fresh beans and this is why a cup of coffee will never make anyone lose excessive weight. Green coffee bean extract contains highly concentrated amounts of chlorogenic acid and in combination with caffeine and other substances it is held responsible for all benefits of the product.

Chlorogenic acid is said to significantly speed up the fat burning in the body, creating a slimmer figure with no effort whatsoever. It turns up the metabolic processes in the body, inhibiting the release of glucose in the blood. As the result, human liver starts to work much faster than usual and to burn much more fat tissue, leading to fat and weight loss.

Scientists have studied effects and adverse reactions of green coffee bean extract. A group of overweight people has used green coffee for three months and medical experts have tracked their progress. After the end of 12 week period, everyone involved in the study has lost about 10% of weight and more than 16% of body fat. Average weight loss was about 17 pounds, although no one has changed a thing in their life. All participants have continued with their eating habits and have not changed the amount of physical activity. Besides losing so much fat and weight another thing came up – there were no adverse effects in any of the individuals involved in the study of the effects of green coffee extract.